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About Us

The Sunny Pine Team​


The teammates at A Sunny Pine Assisted Living Home come from various backgrounds, brought together by the desire to help people.  Specifically, the under-served, sometimes forgotten seniors in our community. 

Dave & JulieAnn Holmes always sought out opportunities to work together.  It was this life-long desire, and the newly found critical need in the senior housing industry which caused us to consider the big life changes. After significant research and long hours of discussion they chose to progress down the path of providing great care for some of our senior population. 


JulieAnn has always done accounting as a primary function of her career. She spent several years in banking, and the balance of her career working for small business doing accounting.  JulieAnn is the primary Administrator for the organization. Her background in accounting provides confidence in her abilities to property account for and document the operations as required of the primary administrator.


David Holmes has spent most of his career building and caring for all types and sizes of aircraft.  After 20 years out on the desert tarmacs of California and Arizona, David began working in the quality control division of an aircraft parts repair station, and soon progressed to Chief Inspector.  In this capacity David proved his ability to handle both government liaisons and the mountain of paperwork that comes with them. 


David is the Vice President of Arizona Houses of Hope Foundation and A Sunny Pine Assisted Living Home. In such capacity David will be responsible for the maintenance and physical operations of the facility.  Additionally, David is an Arizona state license caregiver and will be on-site at the Sunny Pine home overseeing operations.

Trey Normann, RMA is our Chief Operating Officer.  Trey's duties include daily operations are running smooth, and all residents are taken care of. Trey considers each resident part of a family, as well as the staff.   Previous to coming to A Sunny Pine Trey and his wife, Laura, operated assisted living homes in Washington State.


Trey is a graduate of the National Assisted Living Academy (NALA),was a member of the Washington state assisted living association and is a graduate of Eton Academy (cum laude)  with a degree in Medical Assisting, advanced Medical Assistant and is a nationally Registered Medical Assistant


Chi Sue Hu Zamora (Susan) is our Manager.  A self-described “Control Freak”, Susan owned and operated her own residential assisted living homes for many years here in Arizona.  Although she loves the work and the people, the homes were taking up too much of her time.  When her husband retired, Susan decided to sell the home so she could spend additional time with her husband.  Now Susan enjoys a limited schedule overseeing our Community operations.


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 Proudly Serving Veterans

 Giving back to those who served.  Veterans and their families are our inspiration to serve.

A Sunny Pine Assisted Living Home

is the 1st project of

Arizona Houses of Hope Foundation

a federally recognized 501c3 charity

for affordable housing.  

Donations are tax deductible and we accept cash and property donations.

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